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I started my carrier as a freelancer just to make some money in 2013. I did a great job on that website and completed 60+ projects related to electronics, telecommunications and social media marketing. Here is the link to my profile on freelancer (https://www.freelancer.com/u/nuwandjh

I did great as a freelancer and made a considerable amount of money which helped me to survive. Over the time as my ratings grow, I got bigger projects which helped to earn a better income. As my income grows my responsibilities and the stress levels grew up massively and I realized that its not only money I am looking for. It was a combination of Money, Time and Freedom I was looking for. That’s when I began to look for way to make a passive income.

Initially I tried buying electronics stuff for a whole sale price and selling them online on Facebook, Google and Instagram via paid advertisements. I spent thousands of Dollar on advertising and I was able to make a decent amount of profit though my buying and selling business.

Later I wanted to develop my own innovative products and I started off with my own power bank design which is the size of a credit card and I published that as a campaign on Indiegogo crowd funding platform. Then I had my second Indiegogo project which was a device to measure the day to day performance of an athlete by taking respiratory rate, respiratory volume, heart rate, speed, and distance into account. Both campaigns crossed 1 million baht in total sales. End of these 2 campaigns I realized that it was only me as the CEO, the Marketing guy, Electronics engineer, Design engineer, the labor in building devices, the packaging guy and the product transportation and shipping guy. It was a all a one man show and I realized that it was even harder than freelancing projects I did previously.

That made me realize that the every passive income depends on one important term called “THE LEVERAGE”. And from that day I was looking only for opportunities to leverage my time and build more and more assets that will generate a passive income.

That’s how I got into an industry called Network Marketing where I was able to leverage other people’s time. I was able to grow my network over 15+ countries during last 4 years and create a good passive income. This business transformed me to be a person with real business skill such as public speaking, Influencing skills and high ticket closing skills.

With these gained skills I also started my YouTube channel which I earn about 200$ a month at the present.

I continuously looked for assets, businesses and passive income opportunities. I started being a seller on few E-commerce platforms such as Ebay, Lazada, Shoppee and later built a system where I leverage the time of an employee to earn a passive income. Here is the link to my Lazada online shop that generates 1 million baht a year (https://www.lazada.co.th/shop/tingasports/) 

At the present I am involved in guiding young and passionate entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with my experiences, while managing my existing businesses.

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