The Power of Association

If you spend the most of your time with 5 Employees, guess what? You will be the 6th Employee. But what if you associate most of your time with 5 Business owners? You will be the 6th Business owner. So. decide where you want to get ahead in life? If you want to be great, then cut off of all the average people from your life and add few great people into your day to day life.

“YOU CAN’T BE, WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE”.  So. if you want to be a great entrepreneur then you need to see the lifestyle of entrepreneurs every single day. You need to associate with them closely to see how they spend their time in day to day life. When you associate with them for over a period of time their influence will make you a great entrepreneur. 

So. always remember. Who you spend your time really really matters.

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